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First time Import Requirements.

(A) As per public notice 21/2010 amended via public notice 10/2014.

1. Copy of VAT/Sales Tax/Central Excise/Service Tax Registration Certificate.

2. Certificate from the Bank with whom the Bank account is being maintained by the importer certifying the signatures, name and address of the importer.

3. Proof of payment / remittance through the importers account.

4. Balance sheet of the previous year.

5. Copy of the last Income Tax Return / VAT or Sales Tax Return filed/Central Excise Return /Service Tax Return filed.

Apart from the above, the documents required by us for Custom Clearance are mentioned below:

1. IEC copy.

2. Company’s PAN copy.

3. Company registration certificate.

4. VAT/sales tax/ central excise reg. certificate.

5. Authority letter to us for clearing the consignment.

6. 3-4 copies of your letter head.